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87 Million visitors a year make Florida the USA’s number one destination for those seeking fun, relaxation, adventure or all three. This state really does offer something for everyone, but all visitors have one thing in common – they all seek sunshine. We all know about Florida’s thrilling theme parks, fabulous beaches, the incredible shopping, and the buzzing nightlife. However Florida also offers plenty of surprises, for example, did you know that Florida is home to the nations oldest city, St Augustine?

Southern most holidays

Let peace and quietly wait in Orlando, which is full-on thrills, with busy days and nights. This is one place you don’t come for a rest. The Gulf Coast, on the other hand, sedates, with pristine sands sloping into a calm sea with fabulous sunsets. The Atlantic coast is different again. Miami’s South Beach area, once run-down and seedy, has been reborn into a safe, wonderfully colourful district of high-class shopping, and exciting nightlife. Along with this stretch of coastline, you’ll find upscale West Palm Beach and Boca Raton, and Fort Lauderdale, and further north the city of Daytona, with its exciting motor-speedway. To the South are the Keys, a string of tropical islands offering the visitor a get-close-to nature beach stay. At Key West, just 90 miles from Cuba, you can watch the sunset at the southernmost point in mainland USA.

Florida has long been number one for Millington Travel with clients who visit year after year to enjoy the attractions and the sunshine. Why not join them?

We could list a whole page of things to do, but here is our top ten.

Top 10 things to do in Florida

  1. Walt Disney World Resort. Florida’s number one attraction for the whole family with thrilling attractions and wonderful hotels.
  2. Universal Studios. Thrilling cutting edge rides and attractions, now including The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
  3. Discovery Cove. Get into the water and get up close with tropical fish, manta rays and lovable Dolphins.
  4. The Everglades. Get close to nature on a guided tour seeing Alligators in their natural habitat, or take a thrilling airboat ride along the shallow waterways.
  5. Key West. Closer to Cuba than Miami this old city of gingerbread houses, once home to Ernest Hemingway has an atmosphere all of its own.
  6. Kennedy Space Center. Explore the history of the space race, and maybe view a rocket launch!
  7. South Beach Miami. The reborn art-deco district of colourful art-deco architecture offers an exciting beach holiday
  8. Amelia Island. A barrier Island in Northeastern Florida, Amelia Island is treasured for its 13 miles of pristine beach, peace and quiet, unique history, natural beauty and charming seaport character. A real hidden gem.
  9. Key Largo. One of the northern Keys, an island paradise and self-proclaimed Dive Capital of the World with some of the best diving experiences to be found anywhere.
  10. Daytona International Speedway. Home of the Daytona 500, this oval track offers all the thrills and noise of NASCAR and is only an hour from Orlando.

rocket garden florida

When to go?

Florida offers year round sunshine so anytime is a good time. There are distinct seasons though. June to September can be uncomfortably hot and humid, and the winter can be cool at night in the north of the state. Expect some rain at any time of year, but showers are usually heavy but short-lived. If there is the best time we think it’s May & June when the crowds have gone and prices are cheaper with the weather at its best.

Food & Drink.

Florida offers all the usual American fare, but seafood is more popular here, and it is quite a healthy state so salads are also popular. Expect to see a strong presence of Latin and Caribbean flavours too. As with any sunny holiday resort destination, cocktails are popular, but you’ll also see Californian and imported wines, alongside famous American branded beers.

For independent advice and expertise on one of the UK’s favourite destinations, give Millington Travel a call and we’ll help plan your perfect Florida adventure at the best possible prices.