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Travel destination reviews that highlight ‘The Best of…’ invariably refer to the Hawaiian Islands as the best place for sun, sand and natural attractions – the place to head for a fun holiday.

With 130 islands in the Pacific Ocean, the 50th State has some of the finest beaches in the USA. Each sandy stretch is fronted by crystal waters teeming with tropical fish darting through forests of coral. Some of the world’s best surfing and water sports opportunities are offered here and for that intent on premium sightseeing, it is hard to beat the thrill of watching lava flow from the world’s longest erupting volcano. Hawaii also has a rich history of different cultures and ancient civilizations which will delight visitors as they soak up some of the ‘Mana’ (spiritual power) of legendary gods and goddesses.

Hawaii-Maui-Beach holidays

Chances are you will visit Oahu, Maui, Kauai, or ‘The Big Island’ of Hawaii. Most of the sophisticated nightlife is centered on Waikiki beach on Oahu, but you’ll also be able to experience traditional festivals where visitors are encouraged to don ‘lies’ (necklaces of flowers) and dance the famous ‘hula’ after sunset. with the others offering a more sedate pace of life.

Between them, these four islands boast an amazingly diverse holiday experience. As specialists in the whole of the USA, Millington Travel has a wealth of experience and knowledge of these islands, and we can help make your dreams come true, whether you decide on a stand alone beach holiday or with stopovers in Las Vegas or California.

Millington Travel’s Top Ten in Hawaii

  1. USS Arizona. A moving memorial to the crew who went down with their ship during the attack on Pearl Harbor.
  2. Iolani Palace. The USA’s only Royal Palace. Glimpse into the lives of Hawaii’s last reigning monarchs.
  3. Beaches. Oahu alone has 139 of them. Some of the best sand and surf in the world can be found in these islands.
  4. Floral Gardens of Kula. Maui’s beautiful botanic gardens, with 1,500 species, most of them flowering.
  5. The Hana Highway. A hair-raising drive of breathtaking coastal scenery between Hana and Kailua on Maui.
  6. Valley of the Temples. A beautiful corner of Japan in the Koolau mountains, with temples, gardens and koi ponds.
  7. Try surfing. Waikiki beach is famous for its huge swells, and here you can give this thrilling activity a try.
  8. Volcano Heli-tour. Experience the fiery lava vents of the Big Island’s active volcano, Kilauea from a bird’s eye view.
  9. Sunrise tour to Mount Haleakala. Now a dormant volcano, take a tour to the summit for a mesmerizing dawn display.
  10. Luau Kalamaku. The story of Hawaiian people and how they came to inhabit the islands, told through music and dance.

When to go?

The climate of Hawaii is more subtropical than tropical and is moderated by the Ocean so there are no extremes of temperatures. There are two seasons, neither of which is particularly extreme. Summer (May to October) has pleasant temperatures and humidity is low, with the average highs of 82°F (28°C). Winter (November to April) has temperatures that rarely fall below 65°F (18°C). The windward side of the islands experiences more rain than the leeward side, and the latter is where most resorts tend to be.