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I have been in the travel business for 40 years, and although I have seen many changes in that time, people still want expert advice, value for money & confidence in the person that’s handling their travel arrangements. I have always taken pride and done my very best in providing this, and feel I have a knack of placing myself in my client’s position.

I have travelled throughout the world, visiting Australia, the South Pacific, North America, the Caribbean, and the Indian Ocean, as well as extensively throughout Europe. I can honestly say I love my job and love the team I work with.

I have two grown-up sons, and in my spare time, I love being involved with my son’s record label and listening to his band. My other son is flying high in the IT industry and lives in Norwich. I’ve been married to my wife Helen for 27 years, and have lived in Leicester all my life. I am proud of my city and the company I work for.

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If you could use my professional services, I would be delighted to have the opportunity of arranging your holiday.